Property Management Company Cuts Costs by 75% with LED Lighting

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                  Property Management Company Cuts Costs by 75% with LED Lighting


                  THE CUSTOMER

                  LPM Property Management, based in Sioux Falls, SD manages a number of commercial and residential properties throughout the city, including both older buildings and new developments built by its parent company, Legacy Developments.?In July of 2017, LPM moved offices into an older building with lots of impressive architecture and great character. However, with that character came trade-offs.

                  THE CHALLENGE

                  Michelle Blair, Director of Property Management for LPM, loved her new office but was struggling with the old fluorescent lights.?Michelle wanted to find a way to control the light levels and cut their electrical costs while using the building’s original fixtures.

                  HOW GRAYBAR HELPED

                  Luckily, Michelle knew who to ask about an LED solution -- Graybar’s Jason Hemenway.

                  “I started working with Jason about a year ago,” said Michelle. “He was always praising the latest LED products, their low energy consumption and long-life.”

                  Jason presented LPM with a number of LED lighting options that would provide lighting control and save energy.

                  "I was very thankful for Jason’s professionalism, advice and knowledge,” said Michelle. “Graybar was able to answer all my questions and provided a lot of options for us to try.”

                  After LPM gave the go-ahead, a contractor replaced the office’s old fluorescent bulbs with LED lights. Installation of the lights, dimming module and sensors only took a few hours.

                  “It really was painless,” said Michelle. “The installation was done quickly and they even worked around me as I finished up some items at my desk.”

                  THE RESULTS

                  The contractor replaced 16 fluorescent bulbs with just four LED lights that perfectly fit into the existing fixtures. The new LED lights cut down on energy costs for the company by as much as 75%.

                  Graybar provided sensors to adjust the lighting levels based on room occupancy and daylight levels. The lights also have motion detection with a programmable brightness level for turn-on.

                  Michelle appreciated how easily the LED lighting was configured and installed for use in her older building without disrupting the original character.

                  “Honestly, it gave it that updated look. The lighting didn’t affect any of the character of the building at all,” said Michelle. “Instead of disrupting the existing push-button light controls on the wall, Graybar provided a remote. With the remote at my fingertips, I can control whether I need the light to go up or down.”

                  NEXT STEPS

                  The LED lighting upgrade was so successful in Michelle’s office that LPM has already planned to add similar LED lighting upgrades to their other older buildings. And any new properties that Legacy Development builds will include LED lighting from the start.